Royal AUSNZ infant formula, 400 gram


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Award winning Royal AUSNZ Premium Gold Infant Formula
is produced to the most stringent standards to ensure
a consistently great quality and nutritious product. It
contains all the constituents of fresh milk and is rich in
vitamins and minerals.
• 2019 DIAA competition gold medal winner
• 2014/2015/2016/2017/2018/2020 DIAA competition silver medal winner
• From 100% Australian cow’s milk
• WET-BLENDED product
• GMO FREE product
• Scientifically selected ingredients include DHA and AA,  α-linoleic acid, taurine and choline nutrients to promote infant brain development and improve memory
• Lutein (known as the eye vitamin) to help with vision development
• Lactoferrin for Immunity Defence
• Suitable for Infants from 0-6 months
• Net weight: 400g

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