Royal AUSNZ Kids  Formula (3-18 Years)

Australian Ingredients. Australian Milk. Australian Made.

Royal AUSNZ Kids Formula is made from the highest quality Australian milk sourced from the fertile Murray River region of northwestern Victoria, Australia, where a mild climate, rich soil, pristine environment plus an abundant supply of irrigated fresh water come together to create some of the world’s best grazing lands.
• 2021 DIAA competition gold medal winner
• 2018/2019/2020 DIAA competition silver medal winner
• Scientifically formulated nutritional supplement
• Specially designed to support the overall
growth and development of children 3+
• Lactoferrin for Immunity Defence
• From 100% Australian cows milk
• Rich in vitamins and minerals
• Made in Australia to the highest
food manufacturing standards
• Suitable for 3-18 years Kids
• Net weight 900g